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How Dating Up Works

Wondering how Dating Up works? Well, it’s pretty simple, really. In fact, once you are an approved member, it works much like a lot of other online dating systems. Search, message, chat, etc. We have a lot of innovative ideas we will be rolling out as time goes by, but for now, it’s pretty intuitive.

The BIG DIFFERENCE comes before all that. We have bouncers at the door, so to speak. In order to become an approved member, you have to pass a criminal background check. The big difference between Dating Up and all those other sites is that we don’t let scammers, bots, frauds, catfish, sex offenders. We don’t care that it costs us money. We don’t care that it limits our market. In fact, we think limiting our market to good people who make good choices is a pretty good thing.

So here’s what you do:

  1. Sign up through FaceBook. You won’t have to create a username and password. See common friends and interests.
  2. Complete a request for a background check. (Dating Up never has your confidential information stored on our servers — it all resides with the background check company that has systems specifically designed for that.) The Background check only takes minutes to complete. You get either a Pass/ Fail, it is measured against our criminal matrix.
  3. Take the Traitify personality test. Love with personality. Dig into the power of personality and matchmaking when it comes to life, love, and relationships of all sorts.
  4. Complete your profile and upload your pictures.Thank you, for joining the first online dating system that really cares about the safety and security of its members!

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Watch the story of Tracy Peart, Founder of Dating Up


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Our pricing is simple. No hidden fees. Just one registration fee, which covers your background check, personality assessment, and first month’s service. After that, it’s just one flat rate per month.

$ 25
Registration Fee (Regular Price $49)
$ 13.99
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